Social Object Valuation as the basis for effective consultancy.

Our services in the legal, marketing and acceleration are based on hands-on international experience and on research we did in the field of Social Objects.

This principle, first addressed by Juri Engstrom, a Swedish sociologist, in 2005 revolves around 'object centred sociality'. In my words: what makes an object (or idea, or concept) the talking piece for groups of people.

It brought me to ask myself: what constitutes a social object? Can you apply this principle to help smooth the way for innovations and design to public acclaim and professional success? Can we validate chances of success on this basis? The resulting model is a mix between a score card and a reference guide, which we have now successfully applied in such diverse fields as urban and business development, cultural partnerships and design. I have used my love for photography to make pictures which are associated with the model.

Just check it out and get in touch if you want to know if you want to know how it works for you.