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The master at work

Here’s one proud designer. His best work yet. His context is proud parents and family. But what’s the story? What’s his track record? In this case no one, including him, can be bothered. But in the grown up world he needs people who can help him turn an idea into a story and then into fruition. People like us.

All’s well that ends well

We’re in love with our partners and ideas and see a great future. We’ll sort the details out later. We suggest the best time to sort out the deadly details is before you’re on honeymoon. We understand the art of making relevant agreements encapsulating your new found love for years to come.

Getting caught or getting comfortable

This awe inspiring installation at the Biennale in Venice resembles professional life. A great idea needs to fit within often intricate networks of technology, proven concepts, rules, both written and unwritten and timing. Thirty years international business and professional experience can assist you in developing by priority, step by step.

Change the rules

If rules mean you can’t play, why not consider adjusting them. Here the thick fortress walls cutting defining the basketball field didn’t prevent the school team becoming champions in the ‘ regular’ league. In fact, it helped them. Our brainstorm methods help you discover the potential of what may seem less than a level playing ground.

Focus, please!

We cannot be everything for everyone at the same time. Focusing helps to keep matters tidy. If a proposition cannot be explained in 30 seconds, the fly is probably in the wrong place. We help in making business propositions clean and accessible.

Let the sun shine on you

This is the place to catch the light in the narrow Porto streets. This lady is obviously a natural about strategic positions; they shift through the day. In cases which are a bit less obvious we help you find the right position to be noticed for what you are and what you offer.

It’s not just about money

It’s about value. Value as in how you want to live your life and what you are willing and able to spend on it. We create communication for buying rather than selling; communication for strengthening bonds. So it’s about money well spent.

Someone else’s eyes

Other people see us differently from how we see ourselves. The same is true for their assessment of what we do, how we act and especially when we act. Consequently their perception differs from what we are or what we wish to be. We’ll help with matching the two for maximum efficiency.

Old and new make for great combinations

Everything changes….but surely not to the extent our old crafts and learnings loose their value…The most effective combinations consist of the best balance. We help in finding, describing and testing the best balance between what you’ve got and what you may need for change.

You’ll never work alone

Preparing for a good business day. Who does what and how. We help you with internal communication at its best. Here: the Karoo Kombuis crew. 20 years the same 2 choice, 3 course menu, done to perfection, allowing time to share the stories of the day with guests. And they love it.

Breaking the ice is half the work

Fun is energy. Energy works. Whenever you’re stuck, try breaking the ice. If you don’t know how or you don’t feel like it, call us. It’ll save you lots.

Everyone needs a helping hand

Kids love this. So do their parents. And professionals. If a little help can advance your skills to the extent this kid experiences, it’s nothing less than a kick. Our integrated strategic and creative advice might just do the same for your WOW factor.

Passion moves mountains

A good strategy should never stand in the way of a brilliant idea. But then, any idea, is as good as its execution. Meaning that anything done with passion is better than passionless strategy. We aim to extract and use passion; we even persuaded accountants to answer the question ‘which part of their business make your heartbeat quicker’.

Success creates a jam

We wish you a lot of success. Just watch that you can still deliver and that your goodwill is so strong that people want to wait a bit. Although the success of SAIL Amsterdam tests the goodwill of their visitors to an extreme…

When puzzles become playgrounds

Sometimes you have to blow up a puzzle out of proportion to make the solution more apparent. Or better still: you teach the market it’s not a problem, but something to play around with. Take smart phones, for example… So please don’t over-solve, we’ll help you in keeping the next steps simple.

Through the wall

Yours is a successful proposition. Do you keep it as is? Or do you innovate? On your own, or with partners? We assist you in identifying the potential of the various market challenges, so that you can get on. Through walls, if need be.

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